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Looking for Reliable Help with Your College Essays

If you’re in college pursuing a writing intensive major, you should have a consistent, reliable place to turn for help writing or editing your essays. Too many students try to write without any help or tutoring whatsoever, and end up making rudimentary mistakes throughout their entire academic career. Don’t let this be you! Here are a few great places to turn for assistance with your college papers.

Your School’s Writing Center

Every university has a sizable writing tutoring center, typically run by English graduate students, who provide help with the basics of writing. Students are often directed to these centers during the first year of college; however, the writing center remains a useful source of writing advice and tutoring throughout all four years of college. Check your university’s library and English department websites for information on where your school’s writing center is located and what its hours of operation are. Most writing centers operate during business hours and accept walk ins. Usually, a writing tutor can provide an hour or two of assistance per shift.

A Local Tutor

Some students may decide they require more focused, consistent help than a tutoring center stocked with graduate students can provide. If this is the case for you, consider seeking out an individualized writing tutor. Check bulletin boards around your university, online work sites such as Craigslist, your school newspaper, or even consider asking around the English department. Ideally, you should work with someone who already has a degree in English and some experience tutoring writers, though an upperclassman may also be able to help. Note, however, that these services will not be free! Make sure to negotiate a fair hourly rate with your tutor before beginning work.

Online Editors or Proofreaders

Online, there are many services and freelance workers available who can provide constructive comments on your writing and suggest spelling and grammatical edits on your paper. There are many places to turn to locate such services. First, you can seek out an essay writing or editing service, using your search engine of choice. Such companies will help pair you with a specialized copy editor or writer with expertise in the area you are studying.

Alternatively, you can hire your own editor or proofreader using freelance websites such as Elance or job sites such as Craigslist. Simply post a description of your paper, your deadline, and the type of help you need. A number of writers will contact you with proposals and price quotes. You can then hire an editor, send them your paper, and wait for advice to roll in!