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Significance of Indian Culture

Indian culture dates back thousands of years and it is recognized as one of the most sacred cultures in the world. It is also known as one of the oldest to date. The land of India is known to provide unique forms of food, music, architecture, language and religion. Their culture is distinctly different from its counterparts while honing specific elements of diversity. The culture is known around the world but different parts of the globe have adopted it through native Indians migrating throughout the country over the last several decades.

The Indian culture is rich in language and religion. The culture includes over 20 different languages besides English and Hindi. Hinduism is a common religion many citizens practice with a significant number being Muslim and Christian. Indian food has multiple influences including European and Turkish elements. Food part of Indian culture is known to include a number of spices and herbs that carry high levels of importance to their diet. Throughout India architectural landmarks such as temples are appreciated by a number of other cultures due to their unique Indian style. The clothing is another staple that makes the culture standout on its own. Indians are known to wear colorful long-length materials made by men and women worn for different occasions.

Indian culture includes unique celebrations and customs. Many of them celebrate special people part of their Indian culture and they signify meaning of family and togetherness. They enjoy celebrating with others at their private homes or through special festivals. The arts in Indian culture are also different but engaging and exciting. A number of Indian actors, musicians and entertainers have made their mark inside and outside of India. But, the culture itself is facing some challenges as the world grows and more people stray away from traditional customs.

The Indian culture has been embraced by other cultures throughout the world. Yet, the population for this culture in particularly seems to be smaller in numbers which could be a sign the culture is shrinking. For the most part, people are taught to respect the culture and different regions of India. There are places people like to visit within the country because of cultural stories and historical significance. People who grew up with the culture look for ways to keep it alive in new generations to come. Indian values and what they encourage inspire people to look at the world in different ways.