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How to Create An Essay About Your Family

The trick to writing an essay about people you know very well, like your family, is to take a step back for a minute. What do other people see? What makes your family members unique? Will you be writing about one member of your family or all of your immediate family?

Essays about family members are some of the first exercises in writing that are given to students. That doesn’t make it any easier; it just gives you a topic that you don’t have to go out and research about.

A good strategy for this type of essay is to make yourself some prompts to use. Write down a list of questions. For example:

If you have chosen to write about a group of family members, think of things that bring all of them together. For example, they all play tennis; from the youngest to the oldest, tennis is a sport they all participate in. Or perhaps they are all scientists. The older family members have careers in science and the younger ones are majoring in science in school.

As well as bringing out the very interesting characteristics of your family, it’s equally interesting for the reader to discover what makes your family ordinary. How does your family blend into the community?

Culture of your family also plays a big role. You can cover topics such as the following in your essay:

In writing about your family, the reader has the opportunity to learn a lot about you. After you have finished writing, go over your essay and make sure you have fulfilled every detail of the assignment. Make sure you have reached the goal of the essay. A good proofreading and some editing and your essay should be ready to hand in!