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Cause And Effects Of Bullying

Bullying is an important issue that is definitely seen in our world these days. There are various explanations why children or youngsters bully other children. The majority of the community has been or will be bullied throughout their school-age life. The effects of bullying on kids can be devastating; it can create social separation or even suicide. The common reason of bullying is families’ situations that lead to health, wealth and relationship complications in long-time period. Bullying is when somebody or a group of individual who have more power, persistently and intentionally cause harm or trouble for someone else or group of individuals who really feel helpless to react.

Olweus says there are usually four types of bullying on school-aged children. The first one is physical bullying that involves physical damage and damage to property. Second most common type is called verbal bullying, which contains any type of verbal provocation such as abusive language, insults or racial comments. The next type is cyber bullying, it comprises on sending unpolished images, tweeting slang memos, or posting false web pages. Consequently cyber bullying has developed into completely a novel kind of bullying. The last but certainly not least is emotional bullying. This involves taunting and gossip dispersal. All of these types of bullying can have long lasting consequences on children. None of these types are less serious or less harmful than another.

There are several different effects which bullying can have on children. Nowadays social separation is a main problem in kids. When children are bullied for a long period of time, it can make them feel inferior and unconfident in themselves that can have a bad effect on the way they intermingle in public. A research shows there are numerous cases of student committing suicide for the past few years. However sometimes victims go for revenge against the bully with severe acts of violence. Besides all these people lose their trust in relations, their competence to love and more importantly they restrict themselves to be in a well-meaning relationship in future. Along with all these problems, bullying can also disturb victim’s health, they may suffer from eating disorder or might hurt themselves.

Bullying is a very important subject that needs close consideration from both parents and schools. It needs to be resolved at an early stage in avoiding further problems at a later stage in life. Children can easily be educated on this topic so that they can change themselves in future. While, adults have a hard time to receive advises from others and at worse remains the same until deathbed.