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Easy Good Persuasive Essay Topics to Write on

If you are struggling to find adequate topics for your next persuasive paper consider the following. Remember that these are starting off points. They are also broad. You should weigh them against what your project details say and make sure you take a side in an argument:

Remember that a persuasive essay is one where your job is not to be abrasive like an argumentative paper and shove your thoughts into the face of the reader. Instead the purpose of your persuasive essay is to present a logical analysis and bring the reader to your side in the discussion. Your goal should be to present evidence that supports your side in the debate in such a manner that the reader views you as an expert and sides with you in the end. You will still need to present both sides the same as you would with an argumentative essay in order to showcase your comprehensive understanding of the topic. If you fail to present both sides it may seem as though you have a hidden agenda with your writing or are strongly biased.

Make sure too that you have adequate statistics and evidence to support any claim that you make in your paper. Each new idea you present should make up a new paragraph and within that paragraph you should have a single idea and supporting evidence for that one idea. Make sure too that each of the ideas you present revert back to the thesis in some way.

Once you have decided on a topic it is important that you adhere to the following: