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Holocaust Literature

Literature has its different genres and based on that, it has become an invaluable tool of teaching. Reading experience increases the awareness in many ways basically through either conveying factual information or through the evoking of sympathetic and empathetic responses. An integral value of literature is the ability to get readers through different times, much distant places and experience unique circumstances. Through literature, the audience can both learn facts concerning the WWII and Third Reich. Again, they can also get personal connections with the characters in a fictional and real sense as they lived and died in the times of the Holocaust. A lot of holocaust literature and quite some rich content have been made available for our consumption today.

For some decades now, literary scholars in Europe, Israel and North America have taken part in a discussion concerning the importance and value of using poetry and fiction in reflections about the Holocaust story. A lot of issues significant to this continuing discussion have been a heated debated taking into account the manner in which the memory and history of Holocaust was transmitted through literature how the public perceived such transmissions, the correlation between literature and oral testimony and the potentially therapeutic worth of making use of the literature to deal with the emotional trauma that was left behind following the genocide.

Some of the common literature works about the Holocaust include “The Voices of Victims” that emphasizes on the significance of personal writing as a way of understanding the truths about the Holocaust. These stories, diaries and poems have also been used to serve a role f humanizing the many victims of Holocaust by way introducing the audience to individuals with dreams, agonies and passions that are understandable. If the objective of Holocaust education is about a prevention of such a tragedy occurring again, then it is important to examine those who took part and the situations under which the Nazism rule was allowed to rise. “The German Experience” is therefore a literature piece that could help in realizing such a goal.

Well, literature is obliged through its inside laws to look out for details from them alone and to provide some truth based on the findings. These works such as the survivor testimony and literature and others reaffirm the will to continue living and retaining human dignity in the face of a lousy adversity. This literature helps in the personalization of historical event and to determine the real faces in the overpowering sea of statistics and facts.