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3 Tips for Writing a Law School Essay

A law school essay just like other types of essays should be written in a very carefully manner in order to earn you higher marks. This essay can also be referred to as personal statement. It is one of the most important sections to your application to the law school. Writing this essay is an opportunity to present yourself as a positive addition to the law school. There is no provision for personal interviews in law schools. This essay is a written interview with the admission committee and it is a demonstration of your writing ability. One of the important characteristics of an attorney is the ability to write well. Therefore, writing this essay is the only opportunity you have to present your personal and academic strengths. Make sure you write about someone or something that matters deeply to you.

The law school essay should be presented in two to three pages with a clear and vibrant image of you. The three tips of doing this include;

Remember to proof read your essay before submitting it. Ensure that the correct language, grammar and spellings are used. Your sentences should be well constructed and your paragraphs well structured. You can give out your essay to a few people for critique before submitting it. They will be able to improve on your topic, style and mechanics.