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Women In China

All over the colonial era and early twentieth century, family members’ relationship was outlined in the teachings of Confucian. In every family unit, men acted as the lone arbiter. Every member of the family was subject to the elder men. Women, offspring and husband relationship were as well dictated by the hierarchy. The ritual design involved births, marriages and deaths to reinforce these discriminative but ethically accepted roles. Marriages were usually organized and dowry paid without the consent of the women. As matter of fact, women were considered lesser being in the Chinese society and were given less opportunity if any; however, they remained to be subjective to men orders.

Chinese Gender Discrimination

Women status was set during birth. Male children were considered as cherished additions to the society, not only for their economic capability and physique which is so valuable to the society but also bears the name of the family. The fact that ladies marry to other family, new born female children were lesser valued in the family. During famine or hazardous situations, women were last to be considered while their new born female children were suffocate. Although these inhuman actions were limited, they did happened and left an historical discrimination legacy against women.

The reforms on the Chinese economy further affected the position of women in the society. As a result of fall in employment opportunities during the revolution, women lost their ground. Most women were forced to look for employment in distance places from their homes. At the present, migration from rural areas to urban areas in china is prohibited. Nevertheless, each day, millions of women enter the cities every single day in search of employment opportunities. Unfortunately, most of these migrants are young girls who are despised by their families.

Chinese Revolution

Eventually, after years of sorrow and great discrimination of gender in china, women have successfully fought for their way back to compete for best schools and job opportunities in Chinese economy. Women now ultimately determines when and who to marry unlike in the early days when marriages were arranged without their involvement.

In fact, whether it was Confucian rules or revolution ideals, Chinese women withstood incredible difficulties in attempts to confront prevailing discriminative political winds. Although some women conformed to the cultural norms, most women confronted it with both nail and tooth. After unrestrained twentieth century in china, women are now given equal opportunities with their male counterpart in the Chinese society. However, women have remained to be wives and mothers though they are highly respected like any other person in the society.