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Admission essay writing help: make a list of your achievements

So you have finished or are about to finish high school and are getting ready to write that admission essay to get yourself into college. Don't be under any illusion. The admission essay is very important and can make or break your application to college. There are things to do and not to do in writing your admission essay. Follow the rules and the advice in this article and improve your chances of not just getting into college but into the college you really want to attend.

The tone of your admission essay

This is a tricky goal to achieve. You want to list your achievements, you need to list your achievements and you must list your achievements. But you need to avoid boasting. You need to avoid sounding like you think you are the best person in the world. Explain your achievements in simple language and be sure to appear to be natural and humble. You need to come across as someone who is proud of your achievements but who is grateful for the opportunity to do the things you have done.

Don't try and be funny

Having a touch of humor in your admission essay is a good thing. It is not an opportunity to write jokes. Particularly add a touch of humor if one or more of your achievements didn't quite turn out the way you would like. A little bit of self-deprecating humor is a good thing.

Reveal your inner being

One of the important parts of an admission essay is to show the college you are applying to just what type of person you are. What are your character qualities? There may well be an interview as part of the process of being accepted by college and in such a face-to-face situation you will have a chance to reveal your character in a much more personal way. But to get that interview you can sell your character through your writing. What sort of extracurricular activities do you enjoy being involved in? If you have been smart before writing this admission essay, you will have noted the major activities the college is famous for. If you can list your personal qualities which support the work of the college, you will do a power of good when it comes to your list of achievements.

The look is everything

No matter how ideal you might be as a new student at a particular college, no matter how informative your admission essay is, unless it is pristine and perfect in the presentation, you may be shooting yourself in the foot. Double check your spelling and grammar, then check it yet again. Make sure that what you offer is perfect in every way.