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Illegal Immigration Essays: Dealing with the Statistics

When you have an essay due in any subject and there are statistics to be involved there are some tips that might help you. We will go over a few of those here today.

Use actual statistics and facts. Try to keep personal opinions and biases out of the paper. It is best to write this type of paper as you would a scientific paper. Stay away from the use of pronouns.

When you are doing your research stick to books and other research materials that have been written within the last 10 years. Anything older than that is irrelevant.

If you are gleaning information from the internet then you must only use sites that have URLs that end in .edu, .gov or .org.

Wikipedia, while it can be entertaining and occasionally have some facts is not a valid resource for any research paper. Anyone can write a Wikipedia page on any subject regardless if they know anything about it or not.

With a hot current events topic like illegal immigration you can generally find a lot of quotes made by politicians. If you decide to use one’s quotes then you must also find a quote from another politician that will balance it out so as not to show any bias.

For example: Politician A was quoted as saying that if the borders are not shut down then 15% of Americans will be jobless by next year. If you quote something like that then do this behind it: However, politician B pointed out that the jobs being held down by illegal immigrants are the ones that Americans seem to think are beneath them with much hard work and small paychecks.

See, you must have one balance the other out.

No matter what type of paper you are doing, if you research and find information in any sources and use that information you must cite your references. This is easily accomplished by writing down the source every time you look something up or find anything relevant to your paper.

By following the tips set forth here you will be able to produce a quality paper about any subject that requires statistics to be presented. It can be illegal immigration or planting and growing strawberries under water…if there are statistics are involved don’t freak out just present the statistics in a clear and balanced fashion and everything will be just fine.