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Writing An Argumentative Essay: Simplify Your Paper

A good argumentative essay will be composed of several solid points each of which adds to the relative strength of the argument being proposed. In your editing process you may realize that your argument has become large and unwieldy due to the overabundance of unnecessary points of varying strengths. This is not good but luckily for you it can easily be remedied so there is no need for concern. You can use the following methods to simplify your argumentative essay for a simpler, smoother reading experience.

  1. Rank your points
  2. When ever you have too many points it is only logical that some will be less robust than others. The least useful ones should be cast aside at this point to make room for the ones that are most convincing. If this is done thoroughly enough the remaining points will lead to your essay being much stronger than it was originally.

  3. Remove Inconsistencies
  4. It sometimes occurs that an essay will contain two points that on the surface appear to coexist peacefully but under closer inspection reveal themselves to be wholly incompatible. If you discover that one or more of the points you included in your argumentative essay actually clash terrible, it is your duty to carefully and objectively look them over and remove the point that is weakest. This may leave you with a point that is not your favorite but exclusion of points that are not convincing will leave you with an essay that makes a better argument so you will have to do this or risk less compelling work.

  5. Summarize
  6. Some people are naturally verbose and even simple assignments and essays end up as huge tomes in their hands. If this sounds like you then chances are you have dealt with each one of your points at a level of detail that is just a bit excessive. Look over each point and draw out the aspect that seems most important. Include a little bit of explanation and cut away the excess associated. This will leave you with a neater more succinctly expressed point that readers will appreciate as it shows greater respect for their time.

The editing process may be heartbreaking when you start off certain that each lovingly crafter sentence has a right to inclusion in your work. Careful omission of some superfluous point, however, will only simplify and strengthen your argumentative essay.