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How to Write an Essay: Examples of Concluding Paragraphs

Your conclusion should be a brief summary of everything you have discussed in your essay. The general rules of writing a good concluding paragraph are the following:

Other requirements for a good concluding paragraph vary according to the type of your essay: expository, analysis, or persuasive. Below, you will find examples of all three.

Sample Expository Essay Concluding Paragraph: Christian Dior’s New Look

In conclusion, the New Look collection by Christian Dior was a true revolution in fashion. In the aftermaths of World War II, women felt pressurized not to care “too much” about their appearance. Christian Dior was the one who reminded women of their natural rights to express their individuality with the means of style, and at the same time made high fashion more accessible than ever. His core principle that every woman should be able to look beautiful if she wants to, has shaped the present-day fashion industry.

Sample Analysis Essay Concluding Paragraph: The Controversy around Christmas Celebration

Although Christmas’ original purpose was to celebrate the birth of Jesus, over centuries, it has become for most people a cozy family holiday rather than a religious celebration. The present-day version of Christmas, with its marketing angle and generally recognizable attributes, is an integral part of American culture. Paradoxically, changing the name of this holiday to X-mas and minimizing its religious references is helpful in revealing its true unity and hope-giving nature, and welcomes those who are not Christians.

Sample Persuasive Essay Concluding Paragraph: The Benefits of Electric Cars

There is clear evidence that electric cars are both environmentally friendly and convenient to use. As the price of gasoline continues to grow, they may also become more cost-effective means of transportation than ordinary cars. For now, using an electric car is the only way to significantly reduce your environmental footprint while still enjoying all the comforts of a personal vehicle.