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How to Obtain a Process Analysis Essay Example for Free

Lucky You!

Lucky you! A process analysis essay is, hands down, the easiest essay to write in the world. In a process analysis essay, you explain how to make something or do something that requires a process. Let me explain this through taking you through how to write a process analysis about making egg art.

Where to Find Samples

Search for process essays on the web that take you step by step through a whole process from making a certain recipe, a certain type of craft, how to perform a procedure on your car, how to build a simple website—anything. Think about what comes naturally to you and use this as your subject.

First, Search Your Soul

First, jot down some of your hobbies or things that you can do well. Such a list might look like this.

Sample Subject

  1. I can make a nice dress on a sewing machine.
  2. I can create a website.
  3. I am really good at working on car engines.
  4. I can change a tire well and really fast.
  5. I’m really good at solving math word problems and could explain the process easily to someone else.
  6. I could tell someone how to make egg art.
  7. I could tell someone how to tie-dye a shirt.
  8. I could tell someone how to make an Indian dish that is popular in my country.
  9. I could tell someone how to perform computer maintenance that would enable their computer to run more smoothly.
  10. On a slightly humorous, you could write an essay on how to get over a breakup in two weeks or less.

The Web

With the web today, you can find virtually anything and everything you want and, if there’s one area that has improved and that you can trust, it is educational web sources.

Searching For Sample Essays

You can search the web by means of various keyword searches to find what is known as “the process analysis essay” or “how to essay.”

These essays are simply efforts to teach your reader how to do something you know how to do well.

Search Google for “how to essays” or “Well written procedure analysis essays.”

Now, do not plagiarize these. Simply use these as a model for your own creations.

Once you read these you will know exactly what to do.