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Is it Possible to Trust Online Essay Helpers?

If you are considering hiring an online essay writer, proofreader, or tutor for the first time in your academic career, you may be unsure of whom you can trust. Finding a reputable and adequately prepared essay writer can seem overwhelming, to be sure, and there are frauds and scammers who operate essay writing services that cannot be relied upon. The potential to have your identity or money stolen may keep you from even trying such services!

However, there are also numerous reliable, trustworthy essay helpers available on the internet. It’s just a matter of locating them. Below are several factors to consider when selecting a service to help you write or edit your essays.

Who Runs the Site?

Ask yourself where the service is based and who works for it. This information should be somewhat clear on the company’s website, if you check a few pages. Services that are trustworthy will typically boast about the credentials of their writers and tutors, and will provide contact information, perhaps even a hotline. The more information there is on a service’s website, and the more transparent the service is about its writing process, the better. A site that is vague about how it functions and who runs the company is one to be wary of.

How Does Payment Work?

Avoid working with essay helpers who require that all their fees be paid up front. This is an unprofessional way of conducting freelance business at best, and the sign of a scam at worst. A service that requests you pre-pay using an escrow service or that you provide a small retainer fee is probably a business you can trust to handle your money and your assignment well. When in doubt, select an essay writing company that keeps track of its billable hours, provides a contract, and gives you the opportunity to ask for additional edits if necessary.

Who is Your Writer?

Do not hire an essay tutor without some knowledge of who they are, what their educational experience is, and how long they have been working online as a freelance writer. If a company simply sends your request off to an anonymous writer and then sends you a completed paper some days later, you ought to be concerned about the quality and originality of the work. A reputable writer will happily communicate with you about your assignment and their own credentials, and will be open to discussion about the task at hand. If possible, go with a service that lets you pick your own writer from a pool of candidates.