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New Zealand Hospitality Industry

Sometimes life at home becomes unbearable. All hopes are not lost as one may find peace and comfort in the hospitality industry. In New Zealand, there is a vibrant and large hospitality industry that offers employment opportunities to more than 20% of its population. The industry includes cafes, bars, restaurants and clubs, hotels, backpackers, motels, resorts, holiday parks, halls of residence and lodges. Catering in various institutions including hospitals, offices, schools and universities, residential care, factories and event catering also form a significant component of the industry. There are also a number of quick service restaurants, also referred to as fast food outlets and various clubs: cosmopolitan clubs, recreational clubs, social clubs and working men clubs.

Hospitality is a people-oriented business. Accordingly, employers in New Zealand’s hospitality industry seek individuals with excellent communication, human relations and social skills. It is an industry where high ethical standards and integrity play a fundamental role. Employees serve with enthusiasm that keeps clients coming back. The stakeholders in the industry constantly make deliberate efforts to make it vibrant and attractive to the wide society.

In 2013, the Restaurant Association, in partnership with AUT, produced the country’s third Hospitality industry report with adequate research data and recommendations on the industry. This was a conscious attempt to assist the hospitality businesses understand and comprehend the existing hospitality environment. The contemporary hospitality industry offers great opportunities and also presents challenges, that the stakeholders must understand, to enhance service delivery and benchmark performance in a wide market.

The industry is well aware of the emerging trends and constantly makes the necessary preparations to meet the changing needs of the clients. The contemporary customer is educated and technologically updated. The industry moves to meet these changes by adopting the modern information and communicating technologies. They also do this in recognition of the need to remain relevant, competitive and productive in the industry. Customers need convenience, which they get through the use of technology. They can now order for foods online at the comfort of bedrooms.

There is no denying that the industry is fast developing and adapting to the changing needs of the society. It is one industry whose successes are admirable by many. Many entrepreneurs venture in this industry that has changed lives and enhanced the social well being of many individuals. Hospitality industry helps people to achieve great social happiness and ought to be developed a great deal. It deals directly with people.