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An abortion means to remove a fertilized egg from a woman’s body to get rid of the pregnancy.

It can be seen in very different aspects and so I am going to give a brief on both, negative and positive aspects. Abortion is beneficial because it helps to get rid of an unwanted pregnancy, for example if a couple is not ready to have a child they can get rid of the pregnancy and try again when both are mentally ready and prepared to have a child . Abortion is seen by many people as a Sin or God forbidden deed because it is actually killing a child and since it has been made legal in most countries recently and in the United States in 1973, legalizing it has prevented many unfortunate deaths caused by illegal abortions done secretly in places which are not clinically approved by the hospitals and do not consists of doctors with proper qualifications. Many women end up dead because of the loss of the blood during the process and not getting a legally approved hospital or a doctor to perform an abortion on them.

Abortion as in the positive aspect helps a person to get rid of unwanted pregnancy though people who do not want babies just yet should use protection but this process gives them a chance to undo their mistake so they can have a child when they are ready , in this way even the child who is being aborted will be prevented by having the parents who didn’t want him /her and will not have to suffer from whatever reason the parents weren’t ready to have him/her , maybe they are not financially or mentally ready so the child will be saved from suffering the poverty or the poor care by the parents. Abortion also helps to manage the population of a country. By the negative aspect which I personally support abortion is murder and one should use protection instead of killing the baby developing under them.

Majority religions do not support abortion and it is because it is murder and each of God’s creature deserves a place in this world and we are no one to decide that whether one should live or die even the Laws are made in the light of our Holy teachings then why not abortion be seen in religious light?

Give life don’t take it.