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The Educational Value


The paper discusses the value and importance of an education in the lives of individuals. In addition to that, it also analyzes the educational value in relation to the wider societal and national context as well.

The Educational Value

Education is an integral part of the modern society. Educational value is of immense importance for person individually, socially and financially. The importance of education can be seen by the fact that it is the item on which a lot is spent by many families.

Socially and individually, by obtaining education, there is a general rise in the standard of living of a particular person. Also, an educated person is far more valuable to any society than the one who is illiterate. Such a person is thoughtful and sophisticated, and tries to find solutions to the problems of the society by reasoning rather than an unethical argument. Education changes the mentality of a person to such an extent that he becomes a changed man. His limited approach to everything is annulled and broad thinking replaces it. For example, a sweeper, if educated could easily become an executive or a doctor. He is the same person, but acquiring knowledge gets him respect in the society.

The importance of education in the economic aspect of a person’s life is highlighted in a study conducted in the United States. It showed that a direct relationship exists between the wages of people and their education level or credentials. It is quiet common that an educated person is paid more for his services than a person who is illiterate. In turn, the quality of his services is also better than that of the latter, because of enhanced cognitive and reasoning abilities. It can, therefore, be said that education depletes poverty.

Education also leads to the betterment of a country. The education, particularly of women in a country leads to low population growth which, in turn, prevents resource depletion and poverty. Also, a country with an educated populace has a better and skilled workforce than that of a country with an illiterate population. This helps the country in attaining speedy economic growth. Education of people in a country also helps to reduce infant mortality rate as a result of better hygienic facilities.

In light of the above evidences, it is an unchallenged fact that education is an extremely significant item for the people in all aspects of their life. It is accompanied with a number of virtuous and beneficial elements and lead towards the overall good of the society.