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A Basic Persuasive Essay Writing Tutorial

A persuasive essay is basically the one in which you are supposed to give arguments about the stance you adopt about a certain topic. The outline of a persuasive essay contains a thesis statement, arguments and at the end follows conclusion. You can start the essay in your own style but the very beginning you must give the statement or thesis that you adopt. In the paragraphs to follow, you give supporting arguments for the statement to convince the audience or readers. There are certain strategies to make your persuasive essay attractive and powerful. Some simple tips need to be taken in consideration while writing a persuasive essay.

Choosing topic:

While choosing the topic, see whether the topic is important to you or not. One can write on a topic effectively only when the topic is really important to him or her. Also, you must review in your mind the arguments that you have in mind and contemplate over the arguments whether they are persuasive enough or not.

Research the topic:

It is better to do a little research on the topic you chose. In this way you can acquire basic understanding and interesting information about your topic which will make your arguments stronger and you will be able to write about it rationally and effectively.

Body of the essay:

An ideal persuasion essay has a goal, three major reasons which will form the basic body of your essay and three examples or essays for each reason. This will let you form the ideal persuasive essay. The goal of the essay here means the motif of your essay. Why are you writing this essay and what do you want to say.

Main opinions or reasons serve as main content of your essay which formulates your supporting arguments of the essay. The facts are real statistics or knowledge of the reason or thing. Facts make your essay and its arguments more sound, reasonable and convincing.

Strategies for persuasive essay:

Anticipate the objections on your thesis and answers to them. If you talk about the objections, it will make your essay more open and unbiased for the reader and will ultimately create a good impression.

At the end, you write concluding paragraph which includes restating the thesis statement (in a new way though), reasons and conclusion sentence, the concluding sentence must be really powerful and open to provoke contemplation in reader too.