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Effects Of Neocolonialism

Neocolonialism is what happens when a country is colonized and forms a political independence. This has happened recently in the twentieth century with Africa. Africa’s system exploitation of raw materials like minerals and crops have benefited their colonizing power. Most of Europe was colonized by the late nineteenth century. Europe actually controlled the economies of Africa until their colonization. Colonialism is what happens when a country is dependent on another country and neocolonialism is the social, political, and economical dominance that is gained after the country gets independence from another country.

Europe wanted to colonize Africa, Germany, Portugal, Belgium, Italy, France, Spain, and Britain used Africa for their own gain. They did this because of Africa’s vast raw materials, which they could collect more efficiently and faster. The impact that Europe has on the Colonialism of Africa was that they destroyed land, forced it’s citizens to work for cheap labor, and Africa lost most of it’s natural resources to other countries. This caused a negative effect of the environmental that took a long time to recover from. Since international investors owned most of the land for trade, the Africans had less. This completed depleted all of their natural resources, which left them with nothing.

Politically, neocolonialism effect on countries is that they become dependent on foreign markets and trade with different corporations. This dependence results in countries that can’t sustain development and are underdeveloped. And when this happened in Africa, they made deals with other companies to give them clean water to drink. It also delays any growth that they country could have for its manufacturing. The colonized powers have been known to train citizens form colonialized country to join their army because there country didn’t have enough people in their military. Because most of their natural resources are leaving their country, locals have to rely on imported goods. Most colonized countries neglect their cultural and tribal boundaries because of the other country. And the countries that are being used to get resources are being forced to speak the language of the people that have colonized them.

It’s hard to say if solutions to neocolonialism would be successful because countries like Africa are dependent on the trade to the west to help maintain their economy. If a country suffers from neocolonialism in their country, they can avoid it by not taking foreign investors and learning how they can prosper on their own.