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Presidents and Their Doctrines

A doctrine can have several meaning within various contexts. In the political world, a doctrine means a set of concisely stated beliefs, which are usually authoritatively stated methods of operation and combat that are employed to achieve specific objectives. From a historical perspective, various presidents, all over the world, especially, in the United States, have developed their various doctrines that have shaped their presidential tenures. Such doctrines are usually referred to as presidential doctrines.

A presidential doctrine, therefore, can be defined as a collection of practices or principles, which are applied by a given President to a given government, situation or region. A President, or with the help of his advisors, can formulate such doctrines, which are then associated with the president. However, it is imperative to note that Presidents do not publish or make their doctrines official, but other people such as political opponents or journalists identify and name presidential doctrines.

At times, Presidential doctrines sometimes can be traced to a precise piece of declaratory policy, for instance, a prominent speech. In certain situations, doctrines may be seen to stem from patterns that are observed over time. Such patterns can revolve around certain policies such as foreign policies, declaratory policies, and employment policy among many others. This is because such doctrines are usually seen as the judgment of observers. Besides, such policies are open to refutation and various interpretations. Presidential doctrines often contain the elements of a Presidential strategy in a more crystallized form.

In the United States, presidential doctrines have been prominently featured and have played a very significant role, in various situations such as Cold War and the US government foreign policies. If presidential doctrines can be evaluated in the context of the Cold War, for example, the significance of the Reagan doctrine can be established. The Reagan doctrine played an impeccable part in defining the international influence on the Soviet Union in regard to the course of the Cold War. Additionally, the Reagan doctrine also played an important role in shaping various foreign policies of the United States in the long term.

In conclusion, Presidential doctrines are a consortium of attitudes, aims, or a set of concisely stated beliefs, which are usually authoritatively stated methods of operation and combat that are employed in order to achieve specific objectives. Various presidents formulate their unique doctrines, which are used to shape their presidency in unique ways.