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How to Identify Fake Essay Writing Companies

Online essay writing is on the increase in the market. Many people have realized that they can make money from writing essays and college assignments for students. You will find even individuals from companies outsourcing their projects to these writing services. Essay writing just like any other business is based on trust. There are writers who do the job for the company and they expect to be paid after the work is submitted to the clients, and the clients too hope that they will get a product of the right quality, which will be delivered on time so that they can beat the deadline of the submission. Sometimes when people depend on these services, things do not turn out as expected. There are many vague companies with the main aim of ripping off unsuspecting writers. These companies have silky websites that display very attractive rates to attract diligent writers who are looking for work that is well paying. The sites also have fake reviews that deceive the writers and make them think that the company has been in business for long.

It is easier for a person to be cheated if he or she doesn’t realize the difference between fake and real companies. As a new writer, there are ways that you should use to check the genuineness of a company, and they are explained bellow.