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Searching for Free Examples of an Argumentative Essay

Argumentative essays are among the first writing assignments students learn in school. But it takes plenty of practice to master the skills that are required to write well-crafted and well-argued essays that earn you those top grades.

The internet provides a wealth of free argumentative essay examples for students to learn from. While the subtleties of an argumentative essay—and what separates it from a persuasive essay—can be explained in class, it still is beneficial for students to search examples from which to learn all of the key components of a great essay.

Published Examples to Enjoy

With a simple keyword search for “free examples of argumentative essays” you are likely to find dozens of websites offering both published and student examples. These are posted online for learning purposes only and should never be copied or used as one’s own. This being said, looking at published argumentative essays will help you better understand things, like a thesis, body paragraphs, conclusion, transitions and all the other components that go into this type of writing.

Online Examples with Detailed Explanations

Some websites take it a step further and will offer detailed explanations and notes for each of the example essays they have posted. This is a great way to specifically find how evidence is used, how transition sentences link paragraphs together and how topic sentences related to the main argument or thesis. Some notes will also point to suggested changes or improvements that could be made to the example papers. Viewing this constructive critique will also give you an idea of what makes an essay great.

What to Learn from Examples of Argumentative Essays

Even if you don’t find notes that go with the example essays you are studying, it gives you great practice to identify all of the key components on your own. With a pen or highlighter in hand identify the thesis and topic sentences first. Pay attention how each topic sentence should relate directly to whatever argument the thesis makes. Next, look for pieces of evidence within each body paragraph that prove the topic sentence and thus support the claim made in the thesis. Observe the use of transition sentences, paying special attention to the way they link paragraphs and provide a continuous flow to the paper. Note, how the writer introduced and concluded the argument, summarizing the content without confusing the reader.

Read through a several essays and take down notes. You don’t have to write complete analyses of the example papers, but you should be active in your digestion of them. Keep this up for a short time and you’ll find that you will learn to write great argumentative essays in no time.