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Problems Within The US Education System

Education is a valuable assets in a person’s life. Enabling people to grow not only in knowledge and ability but also in their capability to think critically. Opportunities increase and a certain quality of life can be pursued.

Varying opinions exist with regard to the problems within the US Education system. However, the dominating research seems to focus on lack of interest or involvement of parents, the slow wearing down of teachers, and the low level of the reading skills of children.

Parents need to be more involved in their child’s education. Simply ensuring that homework is completed or making a concerted effort to stay informed about your child’s progress in school can impact the effort that the child will the put into their learning. On the other hand, some research has indicated that parents who are too involved, or place too much pressure on their children can actually have a detrimental effect on their schooling. If we are to believe that parental involvement is a potential problem within the US education system, parents need to be more aware of what they can do to help their children succeed in school.

Teachers are struggling to cope with the pressure and the demanding responsibilities that come with this profession. This is leading to an increasing number of teachers who burn out or simply choose to quit. In 2006 statistics showed that forty six percent of new teachers quit their jobs within the first five years. This alarming evidence shows how great of a problem this is in the US education system.

Literacy is critical to a student’s ability to grow and learn. There are a number of studies that show that many a student cannot read on grade level. This has even led to students dropping out because of the struggle that they face to learn and understand their work. It appears that more attention must be paid to preschool and elementary education to ensure that the basics of reading are learnt properly from the beginning.

Questions need to be asked; is the No Child Left Behind policy aiding or failing the American youth? What can parents do to help? Why are teachers not being provided with the resources that they need? Problems are always easy to find, however, finding potential, longterm solutions take time.