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List of Great Argumentative Persuasive Essay Topics

Argumentative and Persuasive essays have much in common. They both look at a topic from two sides but where an argumentative essay aims to present both sides in a balanced way, the persuasive essay tries to sway the reader to a specific side. Here are a few essay topics that can be addressed from both the argumentative and persuasive styles.

Should a non-gendered pronoun be admitted into the dictionary?

While a few decades ago it was common to view gender as a binary concept, there is a growing section of the population that identify as neither male nor female. Some were born intersex, some see gender as something that does not define them. Should such people have a linguistically recognised alternative to being referred to as ‘he’ or ‘she’? This essay can discuss why this would be useful and or disruptive to language and society.

Should citizens of a country be allowed to opt out of taxation and related benefits?

There are people all over the world who feel dissatisfied with their government’s handling of their tax money. These people also by default enjoy the benefits that those taxes provide. This essay can discuss whether there should be a legal means by which people forfeit their rights to certain benefits and stop paying taxes.

Should portion sizes be legally regulated like drugs?

At present, the worldwide death-toll from obesity related illnesses is higher than that from illegal drugs. This article can parallel food abuse with drug abuse and discuss points for and against making overeating illegal.

Should the fashion industry be legally required to use more diverse models?

The fashion industry has been under scrutiny for promoting a predominantly Caucasian and underweight, pubescent version of beauty. This essay can discuss whether there should be laws that mandate more diversity in age, weight, ethnicity and height among models.

Does reality television contribute positively to the cultural landscape?

Reality television comes in many forms of varying levels of educational value. This essay can present points that argue whether as an industry reality TV has made a positive impact on the cultural landscape of the world.

The topics listed will encourage strong feelings in many people and they can be discussed persuasively from either side depending on the writer’s opinion. The argumentative side can also be well explored because supporting evidence can be found for either side. Try a few of these from both perspectives to hone your writing skills.