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Writing a Good Essay: 5 Vital Suggestions

You do not have to be Shakespeare to produce a great essay. Just use these tips to make most of your writing ability and produce an essay your teacher will love.

  1. Prepare beforehand.

    Start thinking about your topic as soon as you receive the assignment. Put essay writing on your calendar. You will need at least two hours for a short five-paragraph essay. Double this estimate if you are new to essay writing or the subject is particularly difficult. Find a spot where you can work undisturbed.

  2. Brainstorm for ideas.

    A proper choice of your essay topic is half of your success. Read your assignment carefully to understand what is expected of you. Write down any ideas that come to your mind. Select the most appealing one and narrow it down.

  3. Make an outline.

    Outlining will make your further work as easy as it is possible, without compromising its quality. For a five-paragraph essay, you just have to write five sentences: your thesis statement, topic sentences for each of your body paragraphs, and your concluding sentence, which is usually a restatement of your thesis.

    For a longer essay, look for other ways to break it into several major sections. Writing each section as a separate mini-essay will be easier than trying to produce the whole paper as a single piece.

  4. Build your first draft around your outline.

    Look at your topic sentence. It is a broad statement, isn’t it? Think what specific details and examples you can provide to prove that it is true. Explain the relevance of every quote you use. How does it add value to your argument?

    Repeat these steps for every paragraph. Do not become too much concerned about accuracy or grammar. Let your words freely flow to the paper. If you spot a mistake, do not interrupt your writing to fix it. You will have time for it at the editing stage.

  5. Take your time to revise and edit.

    After you have completed your first draft, put it away for a while. Take a break, then read your text with fresh eyes. Does it address your thesis statement? Is it logical and consistent? Are there transitions in place? Is your essay well-written? Correct any grammar or spelling mistakes you discover. Remove unnecessary words or phrases. Replace vague wordings with more specific ones.

    Thorough editing can double the number of points you receive for this essay. You may need to go through the text more than once until it becomes shiny.